Protected: Press Release- Cannes Film Festival

For Immediate Release MULLINS IS MAKING HER WAY TO FRANCE International Entertainer Rachel Mullins Is Heading To Cannes For Its Annual Film Festival (AP) Sought after Entertainment socialite and actress Rachel Mullins ( is headed to France. This time it’s not for a Paris Runway show, Rachel will be headed to Cannes Film Festival. Rachel will accompany actress Angela Cullins to the festival, she said in a recent interview. Mullins and Cullins will be there in support of Cullins’ American Sunset in which she co-stars with the late Cory Haim. Being an official entry at the festival, the movie will be shown to distributors and critics for promotion ahead of its official release this summer. “I can’t wait, there is so much to promote right now, my recent five film deal to partnering with 3D conversion corporation E3D. Where to begin?” Mullins said. Mullins recently came to terms with New Film International’s Straw Weisman to star in five feature films. Rachel expects to start filming in early summer. Also in the oven cooking for Mullins is her recent partnership with E3D. E3D is revolutionizing how we watch videos these days. With the capabilities of converting 3D straight to a mobile device, E3D and Mullins are taking the entertainment world by storm. Rachel Mullins is an international model, actress, and socialite currently working in Los Angeles, California. She has been featured in several international and national publications, websites and has appeared on several TV shows including Numbers and Entourage. Modeling since the age of twelve, she’s got the experience and ability to write her own blog about modeling advice (